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New frontiers of the Relational Thinking in Psychoanalysis

New frontiers of the Relational Thinking in Psychoanalysis

Being and becoming, the suffering of individualism

19 Marzo
Online - Zoom
da 30 a 80 €
The conference aims to stimulate a discussion on some key themes of Michele Minolli's thought, brought to maturity in his latest book To Be and Become. The suffering of individualism (FrancoAngeli, 2015; Routledge, 2020).
The debate will involve esteemed colleagues: Gilles Lipovetsky on the relationship between the individual and society in the era of hyperindividualism and hyper-modernity; Steven Cooper on the concept of metatheory in psychoanalysis; Nancy McWilliams on the diagnosis as a capacity of welcoming the human in its singularity and complexity.
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h 9.30 Introduction to the expositions L. Alfieri
h 9.45-11.00 What psychoanalysis today? Round table with: L. Girelli, R. Coin, F. Dettori
h 11.00 - 11.15 Coffee-break
h 11.15 - 12.30 G. Lipovetsky's report Interviewers: E. Vincenti and L. Alfieri Chair: R. Strada
h 12.30 -13.00 Debate with the public
h 13.00 - 14.30 Lunch break
h 14.30 -15.45 N. McWilliams’ report Interview: E. Patrizi and M. Schneider Chair: F. Piazzalunga
h 15.45 -16.15 Debate with the public
h 16.15- 16.30 Coffee-break
h 16.30 - 17.45 S. Cooper’s report Interview: M. P. Roggero and S. Zito Chair: S. Ambrosio
h 17.45 -18.15 Debate with the public
h 18.15 - 18.30 Conclusion ofthe expositions R. Coin, M. P. Roggero, L. Alfieri

Gilles Lipovetsky, Nancy McWilliams, Linda Alfieri, Stefania Ambrosio, Romina Coin, Francesco Dettori, Laura Girelli, Elena Patrizi, Francesca Piazzalunga, Maria Pia Roggero, Massimo Schneider, Riccardo Strada, Enrico Vincenti, Salvatore Zito
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